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Jerrett Bourrioux


New Raxiom tail lights and Borla-ATAK exhaust

Jerrett Bourrioux, Mar 1, 2013
    • Kyle Wildenauer
      i got those exact same tail lights on my 2012 shelby. they are sick....did you get the led bulbs for the reverse lights?
    • Jerrett Bourrioux
      No i haven't gotten those yet. I mean, i look at it as, "how often do people REALLY see my reverse lights?" It's a cool idea, and i'll definitely think of doing that later. Not a huge priority at the moment. Thanks for the comment bro. They are indeed sick. A lot of people ask me about them saying "i've never seen those before." It's a good convo starter!
    • Kyle Wildenauer
      true true...your welcome. it does change the whole game at night though and i had people at a mcdonalds drive-thru comment on my reverse lights when i was leaving one night. a lot of people like them it seems.
    • Jerrett Bourrioux
      Right on bro. I'll look into that conversion sometime. Thanks for the insight!
    • Kyle Wildenauer
      your welcome man. i love them and it does add flair to it. i plan on posting a pic soon with all my led bulbs in (just waiting on the side markers to get here)
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