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DSG in the hisouse!
Staff member
So i went to get some new tires yesturday the very first lug they tried to take off spun the stud.. i was so mad they told me that i should go get it fixed. I said screw it. But its a really good deal on the tires. I have never tried to remove a stud before with the wheel still on. Any ideas?


Crew Chief
Staff member
Board Member
Maybe you can take a rubber hose, force it over the lug and pull back as you turn it left...maybe it will catch.


Greer, SC
i got pep boys to do mine too. The charge the same price if you do one stud or all five. Just a FYI. If one breaks, I replace all five for just $1.86 a stud. LOL


Everrett Wa. Soon to be St. Louis MO.
I bent all of mine lastyear and let me tell you its a pain in the ass to press them out and press in the new ones. Some of them you can use a impac and pull
them through others you cant. I would upgrade while you have the chance. Put some moser studs in there. They are about same price