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HRE 20" x 4, 8M New

Sandro Dalporto

New Member
Great price, fraction of what they cost new - great condition .

Changing my footprint, call or text 949-678-9543 ( Ask for Stacy ) . Thx.

Sandro Dalporto

New Member
SEMA 2011 GT.jpg

here is the full image, HRE 20" Wheels are on my car still. 20" x 10.5" Rear, 20" x 9.5" front. Polished finish with satin spokes for subtle contrast - look great ! $550 per wheel, 8M new, these retail for $1700 per wheel as a reference point. Will sell the NITTO NT05 tires on board ( 4M new ) for an additional $450 for all 4, vs. $320. per tire.