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thanks to the mustang gods


Well-Known Member
just a thanks to the mustang gods, i was at a local hang out tonight and was talking to a few friends and a
08 gt500 pulls up and says something. i assumed to park and said go ahead and park here.

well he was not and i walk up to the car, he asks if i have exhaust on my car, i say no. he then ask if i wanted a 3 in exhaust and i say no, im dont have money to spend now. he says no, you can have it for free. i tell him pull in and ill take it.

he say it was used and did not fit his car and was for my body style car. he sold parts to someone at the meet and he didnt need the exhaust so he saw my boss and said i could have it, mustang guy to mustang guy.

told him thanks over again and he drove off.
Welcome to the 3" club they sound really deep and beefy when you get on it. Should help it breathe pretty well if and when you decide to boost it. You already got headers?


Well-Known Member
VI, no headers, was planning on a turbo kit in about a year.
Ferocious, i have no idea on brand. i will look at it and see if there is a tag or something to say what brand.