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Wheel spacers


Well-Known Member
So I recently swapped a 4.6 into my 2002 vert (formally a 3.8) and I am using an aftermarket k member and a-arms from PA performance, however the inside of the tires (stock 17x8s with stock 245/45/17s) are rubbing the a-arms. I want to try spacers to overcome this. Any idea what size to use? The problem occurs when I turn the wheel about 75-80%.


Chula Vista
I'm sure a 1/2" spacer would fix the problem without throwing off the look... especially on a skinnier tire like yours.


Crew Chief
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If the spacer is not enough, we can add new stops to the rack and pinion to prevent the wheels from turning that far. I would start with some spacers and check out the look. If you are still rubbing after the spacers are installed, the larger steering stops should do the trick.


Well-Known Member
Awesome thanks for the advice guys. I'll start with the spacers. If not would putting a larger rim size help this issue since their would be more clearance over the a-arm? Hopefully 1/2 inch does the trick, I mean I daily drive the car and overall ride is good, but u turns can be a bitch.