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Official Website of the Wicked Stangs Nationwide Mustang Club.

Bolt-On Coil-On-Plug Tech for Fox-Body & SN95 Mustangs

The forefathers of speed could only dream of street cars that were both reliable and capable of 800 hp or more—funny thing is, these days it is commonplace. We can thank technology’s rapid advance along with a strong performance aftermarket and solid stock platforms for the great times that are upon us. In fact, with the advent of wide-band oxygen sensors, ultrapowerful ECUs, and remote tuning, the modern Mustang enthusiast almost forgets that not long ago the now classic Fox-body rewrote the rules of late-model Hot Rodding with its EEC-IV fuel injection system. Just as the first Mustang flanked with the...
2017 Raptor & 850+ HP MUSTANG


The All Wheel Drive 2.7L Ecoboost 2017 Ford Fusion Is Packing 325HP & 380 Lb-Ft!

Ford is listening and really changing the game for enthusiasts who love their powerful sedans. Which incidentally, sounds great to us.

The EcoBoost powered Fusion has become incredibly popular, and similar to its sibling, the 2.3L EcoBoost packing Mustang, they’re easy to modify for a little extra grunt. Suffice to say, Ford has done a great job with the Fusion line and have their eyes not only on owners of V6-equipped Toyota Camrys and Honda Accords, but some other distinguished German models that command a five-figure premium over the 2017 Fusion Sport....
Not a Single Detail of This One-Owner 1984 Ford Mustang Was Overlooked

It’s pretty rare these days to come across a thirty-year-old car that has never changed hands. Rob Hall of Ottawa, Ontario, is one example of a man so in love with his Mustang that he has never let it go. Way back when, Rob was a GM owner when he saw the 1979 Pace Car for the first time. He knew then that he had to own a Mustang. He wasn’t in the position just yet but finally, in April 1984, he ordered his first new car – this 1984 Mustang GT.