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2008 Bullitt Supercharged for sale $26,000


Old Guys Rule!
Well, it's time. I am selling my 2008 DHG Bullitt.
Only has 31,000 miles and has plenty of go fast fun parts. Have all original parts as well other than the hood.
List of mods

Whipple / Ford Racing Supercharger 550hp model- Intercooled ($6550)
Trick Flow Fuel Rail Adaptor
Ford Racing Spark Plugs
Ford GT500 Dual Fuel Pumps

JBA Shorty Headers
Bassani Race Axle Back

Autometer Wideband A/F
Autometer Electric Fuel Pressure Gauge
Autometer Vaccum/Boost Gauge
Autometer Dash Guage Pod
Autometer Shift Light Gauge

Drivetrain & Brakes:
Maximum Motorsports SS Brake lines
GT500 Axle Kit
Baer Decela rotors
Baer Decela Brake Pads

BMR Control Arm Relocation Kit
Steeda Adjustable 3rd Link
Steeda Adjustable Panhard Bar
Steeda Panhard Brace
Steeda Lower Control Arm Relocatino Bracket
Steeda Sway Bar Kit
Steeda Adjustable Coilover System
Steeda Adjustable Lower Control Arms.

Wheels & Tires
18x9 front & 18x10 rear w/ Nitto NT555 Tires
Trufiber Hood w/ Gas filled Struts
Dynomat sound deadener

Well balanced handling, great acceleration, wonderful road manners. Lots of fun.
The tax man cometh so the Bullitt must goeth.IMG_0196 (1).JPG



Wickedstangs Road Racing Team
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*Update* Price lowered to $21,500. Need to sell.