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2v budget build idea


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Now that my turbo cobra is about on the road I want to plan a mild build of my 97 GT.
Here's what I was thinking... Let me know what you guys think.

Stock bore
96-01 cobra or 03-04 mach1 piston
2011 5.0 rods
Stock crank
P.I intake or
MHS stage 1 ported P.I heads
MHS stage 2 cams

BBK shorty's
Magnaflow CB

The combo should be around 11.5:1 compression. I would like to see 300-325 rwhp out of it. It will be a fun DD.


Try this 345 hp @ 6000 rpm
355 torque @ 4700 rpm
Svo heads m-6049-d46 ported
cam shm 2730
Steeda Pulleys 701-0001
Svo intake manifold m-9424-e46
80 mm mass air f8l2-12b579
Ford racing headers m-9430-e462
M agnaflow x pipe 93334
M agnaflow cat back 16538
Custom tuning of course advanced ignition curve
3:73 gears....
I got other proven build combinations that im sure I can dig up if you were interested.
All proven by real builders...
got naturally aspirated numbers and super or turbo charged number for each combination
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