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Anyone want photos of their Stang?


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What's up guys? I'm failry new to the forum and have been hovering around for a couple months but haven't never really been able to get out to a meeting to meet any of you but hopefully I can make it to one soon (tough now that little league has started up).

Anyway, as the title says, if anyone is interested in having some photos shot of your car let me know! I haven't shot any car other than my own '03 GT but I definately wouldn't mind getting some more under my belt! Hit me up if you're interested, or take a look at my website: www.arivasphotos.com for more contact info.

Hope to see you guys out there!


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Thanks! I did those one night while I was waiting fo rmy daughter to get out from watching a movie with her friends. I just had a little fun with my camera and an LED flashlight I had in the car.


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Great pics!!! I PM'd you my number a while ago. hit me up anytime! Also Fab Fords is Apr 21. If you wanna go and put your car in that show, you should register right away. Biggest and best show on the west coast! don't miss it.