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AOD help


Resident Bracket Racer
Okay so I'm not sure but I may have hurt this AOD in the LX.

Anyone here good with the AOD? If so please message me ASAP and we can talk over the phone. I really need some help here.

I think it started with the manifold install, I didn't readjust the TV cable and the trans didn't want to downshift when coming to a stop. It is adjusted with a very small amount of tension at idle now. I don't have a pressure gauge and don't even know how to adjust it that way.

Now it is downshifting ok, but two things: it buzzes when I put the trans in park only when the trans is warmed up.

And when I'm sitting at a light stopped, sometimes it will randomly up shift to second (at least I think that's what it's doing) and obviously when it puts that load on the motor idle goes to crap and it has even stalled it a couple times. Maybe it's the converter? I am no AOD expert.

Anyway I have Friday-Monday off, and I could really use someone's help or relatively inexpensive services to fix the problem before the trans just blows if it is even still ok at this point.


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I had a similar issue with my first Fox. Replaced the valve body (and put a shift kit in) and viola! Not making any promises on this one though. I'm sure it could be something else.

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Resident Bracket Racer
Well I changed the tranny fluid and filter, and the guy who sold it to me I'm pretty sure wasn't lying when he said the trans had just been rebuilt. The fluid looked fantastic with very very little clutch material in it. I've been driving it as is, it will still do it's stupid thing at lights sometimes, but shifts hard, and seems fine otherwise. Still breaks the tires loose on the 1-2, and makes no unusual noise or other malfunction to speak of.

I want to put a silver fox valve body in it, just gotta get funds for one first. Until then, here's hoping it survives :/