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CA wicked stangs transplant heading to P'cola


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The wife and I are finally heading back from Italy at the end of July, and we will be in Pensacola, Corry Station, for two months for some training. I will be bringing my 03 DSG termi vert. My redfire 03 termi will stay behind in Georgia. I am looking forward to hanging out with mustang people again! We arrive 11Aug. We are also good friends with James Secrist and his awesome family.

See everyone soon. Bt, I'm a good mechanic and have had my cars pretty far apart and then back together, so I would be happy to be part of some work parties.


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Welcome back my friend. Good to see you returning safe and sound and ready to get those ponys back on the street. I still want the red one!!!


Chula Vista, CA
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Wow, welcome back to the states and the site..

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Look who poked there head out of the spaghetti, welcome back.

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Good to hear from all you guys!

James, I doubt I will bring the 4 wheelers cause I have no where to store them, but they won't be too far away at my dad's place in Georgia.

Hope everyone is staying cool down in Florida!


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Right before I left for Italy, I put in money for an eastwood fender roller, but never got to use it. Any chance anyone has one or it could be mailed to James for my use while in Florida? I would pay postage. Maybe some other FLA folks could use it also.

Darn Toyo R888s have a few lines in them from hitting the rear fenders!


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I'm at Corry station as an instructor let me know if you need anything over here..can't wait to see the cobra.we just had a guy with a black one head to San Diego haha..one out one in

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Wickedstangs is going to send the fender roller to James, so it will be available soon. Maybe we could do a few people's cars at the same time.