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Chula Vista, CA
Staff member
Are you guys interested in a Group Buy? Post up we maybe able to get Wicked Stangs logo :)

Hey Danny,

Tell the club members that you're not in trouble. Here's some photos of the Windrestrictors and Glow Plates. The Windrestrictor is for the convertible while the Glow Plate is for the coupe. Currently the parts are available for the 11-14 Mustang, we expect the the 05-10 in a few months. The screens can be wired to your headlights or brake lights. There are 9 options for graphics and 9 different light colors available. I want to offer custom graphics with your club logo on the screens, I'll need at least 10 orders for the group buy. This products was just released. I'm waiting on final approval for the group buy which should not be problem. The retail for the panels are $468 with custom graphics, $383 with standard graphics. I should have a discounted price tomorrow.
Coupe Light Panel.jpg

extra boost-7675.jpg

Graphic options.jpg


Purple horse.jpeg

Red Cobra.jpg

Running Horse Screen.jpg

Wind Screen Cobra.png

Wind Screen Gree Snake.png

Wind Screen Pony 2.png


Spring Valley, CA
The group buy is 10 or more. The price includes shipping. You can have your choice of lighting color. it will be laser etched with the Wickedstangs logo.
The group price is $389 per including shipping. Regular price is $434, not including shipping. If interested, post up and put your order in. This offer is exclusive to us. Once 10 orders are reached, he will get the deflector made. Be the first club to own one.
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Spring Valley, CA
If you are serious about ordering, message me and I will tell you how to order. We cannot put the vendor info in the thread as he is not yet a paid sponsor and per forum rules, only paid sponsor info can be put up. But I feel this is such a unique product amd the special pricing we are getting, I have to put it up. Also it is lifetime guranteed.

frank s

at Play in San Diego, CA
I bet they'd be happy to see ten orders all engraved the same.

I've yet to see any useful information about the method or location for installation. Not really my kind of accessory, anyway.


Well-Known Member
I would love to try and re-establish this - I would want one...lets see if anyone else does? (obviously I wanna wait to see if the price drops down first)