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Chuckwalla Track Day!!


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Black Group Turn 9 ZB__3760-032214.jpg
_CVR aerial.jpg
Black Group Bowl ZB__3971-032214.jpg
Black Group Turn 7 ZB__7275-032214.jpg
Black Group Turn 9 ZB__3760-032214.jpg
Black Group Turn 9 ZB__3766-032214.jpg

Black Group Turn 10 ZB__3621-032214.jpg

Joe and I tangled but Street tires to street tires he be me on this course
2:18.0 to 2:18.4 with race tread on I ran a 2:12.1 I can clean up the run and more than likely run a sub 2:10 ...NEXT TIME. It was a great day and met some more mustang guys at the track, it was a good day tator!


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