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Daveyboy's Race report and quest for a 12 sec pass 5-5-13


That sexy racing guy
I set a goal this year to run 12's without and mods to the motor. I kinda cheated a little bit and added ORP's this winter, mostly cause I was bored. I started out with 4.10 gears and TCI street fighter conveter, then a Tune from Bama. Last year I ran a quick time of 13.49 @ 101. So in theory It should easily go 12's. But it is not as easy as that as i am finding out. Primarily because my tunes are not as good as I thought they would be. The car wants to leave in third gear! Sooo this weekend I decided to try and shift my self. Whcih was not as good of an Idea as it sounds, I really couldnt get a run that was concistant.

Here is a run down of the days times
Run 1: 13.402 @ 103.92, 1.874 60'- hit the rev limiter 3 times i think
Run 2: 13.003 @ 104.60, 1.845 60'- Think I made all my shifts this run. Raced a very good friend of mine. Had her off the tree by .030 sec but she caught me at the 330' mark, and slowly pulled away. Her blower car just had more top end then me
Run 3: 13.192 @ 103.73, 1.837 60'- Hit the rev limiter on 1 gear i believe, buy this time it was really heating up and cars we starting to slow a bit.
Run 4: 13.549 @ 102.72, 1.853 60'- I turned on the red light on this run, and being that this was the first round of eliminations I got kind of frazzed and probably missed every gear i had

Called Bama this morning to have them try and sort my tunes out again. They are now in my email awaiting me to load them to the flasher. We will try again next week end!!!!

For those of you who are interested here is my set up

TCI street fighter converter
Ford racing 4.10 gears
Bama 93 race tune
K&N drop in air filter, with modified air box
Front sway bar removed
Tire pressure: 50 psi (f) 27 psi (r)
.....thats about it