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Deployment insight


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hey there all,

Well, I got orders to Norfolk and we are going straight on deployment. I talked to my ship and they said that I should stitch about 8 sets of coveralls. What else should I bring along for a 8-9 month deployment?




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What kind of ship are we talkin? You can only take so much on a small boy, but on my carrier we took everything. I would recommend:

Enough workout clothes to last a week before laundry. Stack up on multivitamins!

An IPad/laptop with tons of viewing material (if you know what I mean)

And a positive attitude. Europe should be a lot of fun. Thank you for your service and good luck.

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Everrett Wa. Soon to be St. Louis MO.
Bring your favorite snacks, plenty of boxers, t shirts, Lap top with plenty of movies or hard drive. Uniforms of course, meds in case you get sick or get a cold ect... T. P so when ship runs out you can still wipe your ass... lol Come one guys/gals Im on nimitz happens all the time


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Lots of canned tuna, and easy mac...maybe a case of cup of noodles. All the extra room is for food reserves!!!!!!!!!!!