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[Feb 28, 2015] Dyno Shootout (National City, CA)

Wicked Stangs San Diego Chapter and our sister club, San Diego Stangs, will be having a dyno shootout at Dantes Modular Performance on Saturday February 28th from 8am to 5pm. $40 pulls plus trophies for highest horsepower and torque output. Maximum participation is highly encouraged as we are supporting a fellow sponsor of our club. This event is a perfect lead-in to Mustangs vs the World 8 the following week. If you plan on drag racing, it would be wise to know what numbers your Mustang is pulling so you can get it tuned appropriately.
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Spring Valley, CA
Forgot we already had plans. But if we finish early, we may stop by and get on the dyno.
Good luck and have fun.
@sdsubzero4 and @Knight-X dyno'd their rides. The winner for most HP (847) and torque (967) went to a guy with a heavily modified 2012 ZL1 Camaro. The event, itself, was a success and Dante made almost $900. He asked when we're going to have another dyno shootout.