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First time down the drag strip for the new Mustang.


Spring Valley, CA
Took the 2014 down the strip today for the first time. I am totally happy with her performance. Ran on the street tire and no tire spins.
Run 1: 8.8/2.1 60ft
Run 2: 8.6/2.1 60ft
Run 3: 8.4/2.0 60ft
Run 4: 8.5/2.0 60ft
Run 5: 8.5/2.0 60ft

The time is pretty much what I expected for a stock 5.0. Will be playing with the RPM for launch to try to lower the 60 ft time. Overall, I am very happy with what I got today. Will post time slips later.
Trying to load videos, will post them when I can.