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Illegal supporters desecrating our flag

Isn't desecrating the US flag considered a felony? I know Americans are entitled to free speech, but this just crosses the line. I'm surprised the police didn't say anything.


Spring Valley, CA
i am pissed that the cop standing right there did not do something about it!!!
Not that they don't want to do anything, they may have been ordered not to. Instead, just make sure nothing major happens. And the flag burning statuate may be a federal law and local law enforcement may not be able to enforce it, only federal authorities, like the FBI can. Its crazy but certain laws the feds cannot enforce and certain laws only the feds can enforce.


Well-Known Member
i couldn't watch that video... and i damn sure wouldn't let that happen if i was there, i don't care if it meant loosing my freedom, that flag is a sacred symbol of our freedom and the blood that was shed and the lives lost so we can have that freedom. Just the fact that the flag was laying on the ground in my mind is enough for every single one of those liberal f*cks to have have their heads bashed in with the butt of a musket!


Well-Known Member
I think that they should be taken out back, lined up and shot by firing squad. If they can't respect the flag and the freedom that it stands for "GET THE F@*K OUT!" That's all I got to say about that.


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Ya gotta think about it this way...yeah its messed up and I wish I was there with about 100,000 legal Americans but obviously....IT'S WORKING!!!! HA HA HA HA


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You know, behavior like that, while revolting and unfathomable, is EXACTLY why I have a job. I defend their right to do it. And no it isn't against the law to desecrate a flag. I wish it was. There is a line in the movie "The American President" with Michael Douglas where he says something about people who LOVE America but obviously HATE AmericaNS. Oh well, I would say hopefully they won't pollute the gene pool but by the look of those fat asses and wide hips I'll bet they are spitting them out faster than WIC can print vouchers!


Spring Valley, CA
And no it isn't against the law to desecrate a flag. I wish it was.
Eric, you are correct. I mistakenly believe the Flag Protection Act of 1968 was still in effect. But I found out it was only for protection in general applicability and it does not have any teeth since every conviction in the last 20 years have been overturned by the Supreme Court (5 to 4 decisions). Constitutional Amendments have been proposed in six of the last seven Congress but could not pass the Senate with the required two-thirds vote. 104th Congress defeated by three votes, 106th Congress by 4 votes, 109th by 1 vote. The 111th Congress have both House and Senate each introduced Constitutional Amendments authorizing Congress and states to prohibit descration of the flag of the United States and set penalties for such act. However, even if passed by Congress by the two thirds vote, it still requires ratification by three-fourths of the states legislators before it will become effective and into a Constitutional Amendment.
well, thems some classy people. haha. at least they spoke and wrote in english. guess something is working right.

on another note. i agree with all of you, but i think its more of an attention thing. if they were ignored and we just pushed on with what really matters i bet they would stop