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Irwindale Speedway Re-Open


Chula Vista, CA
Staff member
The first major step in the re-opening of Irwindale Speedway will take place when the eighth-mile drag strip opens next week.
A weekly Thursday night program will resume on April 26. Three days later, on April 29, a special program featuring Volkswagens, called Hot VWs Drag Day, will be held. The drag strip will be operated by L.A. Racing Experience, an oval racing school that has not missed a day of business since Irwindale Speedway, LLC filed bankruptcy papers on Feb. 10.
"We wanted to open it this Thursday, but we wanted to do it and operate it right," L.A. Racing owner Jim Cohen said. "It takes awhile to get it right, It will all be new.
"We're very appreciative that (property owners) Nu-Way Industries will let us get this underway."