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[Jan 13, 2013] El Cajon Cub Scout Car Show Presented by Wicked Stangs (El Cajon, CA)


Spring Valley, CA
We are sponsoring this El Cajon Cub Scout Car Show. It is the first of an annual show. This show is a fundraiser for the Cub Scout to build their own pinewood derby track. Since we are the sponsor for this show, it would be nice to have a great showing. It is the Cub Scout Choice.

The show is limited to 150 cars. When I presented this show to the San Diego Car Club Council, there were many interest especially from the East County Cruisers, they have over 100 members in the El Cajon area. Don't miss out on this event and let's have a good showing as the show sponsor.

If you would like to register, please get in touch with Ladygaga2 or the show organizer, Vince Generazzo, (619) 729-3555.
Here is their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?f...50286016.67672.294295047354313&type=1&theater
You can print out the registration there.


This is a great opportunity to give to a good cause, and it's our first official club sponsored show as part of the council. I wouldn't miss it for the world!


Resident Bracket Racer
Will be out of state for the month of January or I would be there. Have fun you all


Spring Valley, CA
I'm thinking to meet up at the Denny's on Mollison Ave, right off the 8 freeway. Drive in is at 7am, I would like us to be one of the first, if not the first to arrive at the show, since we are one of the sponsors.

I say we meet up at the Denny's at 6:30am and roll out no later then 6:45am. The lodge is not too far from there.


Old Guys Rule!
I will not be able to attend, my dad just got out of the nursing home and Mom needs my help. Ethan will represent in the Bullitt. I hope you guys have a good time.
Can someone print the registration form for me please? I don't have a printer. I'll be at dennys in the a.m. I would really appreciate it. See hall tomorrow
Yall. darn spell check. Hoping my wife don't go into labor before the show. If she does then priority says I won't be there. That's my wife's priority, not mine lol jk


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hey all, got my car running so i can make it---kinda..i have to work later in the day so i have to leave before 12pm. i dont want to register and be committed to 2 or later. should i register or no? thinking about just showing up later?


Spring Valley, CA
I like to thank all those who attended the show today. The Cub Scouts raised over $2000 today. I believe that is halfway to what they need to build their Pinewood Derby race track. Thank you for taking part in today's wonderful event.
the colds hit me like a brick late friday/early saturday and am a little better. didn't want to get others sick. so who won and any pictures?