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Lopsided rear end

John Gunter

Well-Known Member
So my passenger side rear is sitting lower the driver side, about ¼ to ½ inch lower. The guy I bought the car from put the lowering springs on it. Now whenever I step on the gas or go through a dip the passenger rear rubs. So I’m wondering if it could be the shocks, struts, or springs that could be bad. I am getting tired of scraping my new tires. Was thinking I might have to go to the stock rear spring, but hoping not to have to. Oh I am running 315/35/17


Well-Known Member
John, you are not loosing your mind this is correct, I am not sure why this is but a quick remidy is to get a rubber spring spacer from the autoshop and place it over your pass spring (inside the bucket) this will help it level out... hope this helps.