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loss of power


Well-Known Member
Oddly brother this sounds alot like what my car is going through and i also have a 02 sensor CEL that continually appears and dissapears. So considering that we both have similar symptoms and similar faulty parts i'm going to take a wild guess and suggest that its our o2 sensors for now untill i have figured it out. my car feels 0 power between idle to 1500, any time i'm below that rpm the engine struggles, any time i'm over 3200-4k rpm my engine iether sounds odd or feels like its out of breath, in the beginning i was just thinking thats where the non PI heads started to lose power or something but i mean... it Really feels like its struggling to hit 5k.

doesn't necessarily mean this IS the problem, my logic tells me it probably is, but knowing how the ECU's work tells me otherwise unless these ecu's work different that i'm used to. If you are over a certain throttle % ( unsure of mustang specs ) the ecu moves to a separate fuel/timing map and ignores o2 sensor voltages.

How many miles are on your car 02gt was pointing out to me at work that it could be possible weak springs from years of abuse, which isn't highly unlikely with 96k miles on the car. or possibly that just my chains need to be replaced

another possible answer to my issue may possibly clogged catalytic converters