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[Mar 23, 2013] Mustangs vs The World VI (Lakeside, Ca)


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***MVTW VI***.....When the Light Drops...the B$ Stops!
Event rules are posted at: www.mustangsvstheworld.com/

This is our event and it will be held on Saturday, 23 March. Each year we plan to make this event bigger and better every year. Last year we had 31 cars participate and enjoy a fun day of friends and racing. As a club we will need volunteers:
1. Registration: Gwen, JP
2. Tech: Ethan, Northern Country, Ebucky
3. Time recording: Donna and Gwen
4. Return lane: Nothern Country
5. Staging lanes: Ethan, Ebucky, Grey06GT

We also need radios for the group to communicate and keep the event flowing.

Event schedule:
1. Meet at Dennys for B-Fast 6am
2. Depart from Dennys at 7am
3. Arrive at Barona 7:30am
4. Gates open at 8am, we will begin registration and teching of cars
5. Test and Tune 10am to 12am
6. True street and Open Comp from 1pm to 4pm; all registration closes at 1245am.

Post up here if you would like to volunteer and please RSVP if you will be racing.


Wickedstangs Road Racing Team
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Yeah, the more the merrier, as far as radios are concerned I can probably score at least a few of them. I will check this weekend.
Not gonna be here this year either for this but praying I score SD for my next tour. If I do you can list me first in line to volunteer!


Spring Valley, CA
Looks like I'll be working until noon. I'm going to shoot up there after. Hopefully I will get there in time for the runs in the afternoon.
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Crew Chief
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ill be there. how much is it to race?? and how much is it to spectate??
To race it is $30 if you have a WS Banner, if not, it's $40 to race and there is a $10 price to enter the event. The first 40 people to sign up will have a free t-shirt.