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Mustang beach cruise and canyon run


High Desert President
Sorry for the late post everyone but I haven't had very good signal to post anything and finally I do now.

The high desert is having an event this Sunday, June 28th in which we are going to Santa Monica Pier for meet up and relaxing with everyone then off to lunch at noon then to a canyon run thru Mulholland HWY and the LA area.

We in the desert are leaving Victorville at 0630am and will be arriving at Santa Monica Pier parking lot around 830.

We encourage anyone who may see this post or be interested in joining up with us to come along as it will be a very fun day with great people and alot of good road for our Stangs to tear up.

People in Victorville area - meet up at Valero Depot station on corner of Bear Valley Rd + Amargosa Rd @ 0600. Rollout is 0630 sharp.

For people in other areas -
We will be arriving at Santa Monica Pier parking lot approx 0830. We would appreciate those who want to come and meet us there.

Our lunch will be at noon at Rock N Brews in Redondo Beach.

If anyone has any questions please leave a message here or text/call Jesse (prez of High Desert) at (760)7926664