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New Look Coming Soon!


Chula Vista, CA
Staff member
The guy who created our current look as moved on and will not be updating his files..

With our forum software update coming soon. (about a week) I will have to change the look. So, that we can be up to speed and ready for the new and improved software coming out.

Thanks Everyone for your patients...

minerskinz said:
Past two years the forum themes business both premium and custom works are down and very low sales due to various reasons.

I have been running successfully minerskinz for past 8years and it never so low and i could not run the show and unable to meet even my family and basic expenses.

So i am closing down minerskinz temporarily but i am not leaving my design business i am planning to enter other scripts like e comm and wordpress etc and for this i am seriously learning various new software and in next one month i will be back online.

ecomm and wp are very good and also few other scripts, i am joining a one month course to learn php and Js for this i am moving to nearby city to join the institute.

My partner who codes my design has left me due to poor revenue in current business and i am left helpless when it comes to coding and unable to provide support on back end.