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New Vice President


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As we say farewell and good luck to Jay (ichiduo) we are in need of a new Vice President. At our meeting, Shane was nominated. I think he is a good person for the job as he attends most of the events we have and he is also not going to be deploying like most of us. However, I cant really think of anyone who is active in the club right now that I dont think could help out the club as the VP. So if anyone has any other nominations let me know. If you would like to do the job and no one nominates you, feel free to nominate yourself. I will leave the nominations open until the 14th of APR and then we will start voting.


WOW, that is awesome. Can you teach Emilio how to get a new VP.


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Jay thanks for the work you did over there and on the site really appreciated.. If you need anything you still have my number.. And that goes for all you guys up there.