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[Oct 5, 2014] Mustangs By the Bay 2014 (San Diego, CA)

Will do. Received correspondence that due to the influx of requests to move to class 4600, those requests cannot be changed since it's too close to the show. They just ask that the club arrives together as a group and they will try their best to park all of us together. We will need to specify how many cars are in our group upon arrival.
Also, Ron asked if upon arriving and parking, if anybody from the club would be interested in volunteering their time to assist with parking to ensure a smooth transition. If interested, just tell the registration booth and they'll get you up to speed and assign you an area.
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Spring Valley, CA
MBTB is officially sold out. They hit 350 cars. There will be no day-of-show, but members who haven't registered can still check out the show. FYI though, parking will be difficult.
More than welcome to come hangout. We'll set up pop up canopies by our cars since we will be parked together.


Spring Valley, CA
Reminder for the meeting up time and location:

We will meet at the Mission Valley Starbucks at 7am and roll out at 7:30am. The address is 1620 Camino De La Reina, San Diego