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pcv ?


Well-Known Member
I have a 97 cobra and the pcv vavle clicks when idleing its opening and closeing all the time
Is this normal?

Also motor was just redone last may and they was some oil in valley of intake last week?
How is oil getting there? Thanks
The pcv should be pretty much closed at idle (most manifold vacuum) and opened at wide open throttle (when vacuum drops under acceleration). If the pcv is staying closed while under a load it could be forcing crankcase pressure out the path of least resistance and subsequently causing an oil leak for you. You can pull the pcv out and check it by blowing in both ends. one direction should seal and the other should allow air to pass. If it is in question replace it. Try to track down the oil leak. Could be coming from intake, imrc's valve cover or timing cover. You haven't given much detail, so it's hard to figure out where it's coming from. Where in the valley are you seeing the oil and how much? Pics?

Hope this helps.


Well-Known Member
107k on body it spun a rod bearing last may and was rebuilt stock pistions i dont know the full story it was done before i bought the car all i have is recepit .... any ways about 10k on motor since that ... car is pretty much stock it has o/r x pipe slplm2 , hurst shifter, 4:10 gears few supin mods springs cc plats ect.... car runs goods and pulls hard ive had 3 cobras this one is stout to be pretty much stock... it all depends on how you drive it if you baby it it want use no oil or smoke on start up if you drive it hard it will sometimes smoke on start up and it uses about a shot of oil a month if i drive it hard on weekends.... you can hear the pcv clicking(opening & closeing) really fast while its idleing... vacume on intake seems to be strong ... i havent done a compression test yet i will this weekend tho.... im lost just hope it ant rings lol... thanks man i need some insite is they a way to check the vacume on intake to make sure its right or could they be a clog some where?​