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Putting Florida on the map!!.... kinda..


New Member
Well with all the clean stangs down here in the south I feel emabarassed to say im the one to rep this beautiful state with my LX but we gotta start somewhere so here she is...

this is how i got her except she was covered in 2yrs of sap, sun damage and leaves..
after some rattle can black and lots of elbow grease and good old Meguiars... she now sits like this but has new mirrors.. hmmm where are those pics....

she runs 13.8s consistently on a stock bottom end, E7s with a B cam and bolt ons.. ported explorer intake and drag radials.. next up is suspension parts.. subframe connectors, control arms, springs..etc..


302 Motorsports
When I was in Tampa it was hard to get W.S. going because of another Mustang crew in Tampa but cant think what the name was. Good luck if everything works out the way I want I will be out there again soon.


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there are quite a few stangs on corry station. i believe im the first of them. i am trying to get the rest of them on board but everyone on this base is whole bunch of shut ins


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Im part of the Mwr committee here on Corry and have been trying to get some car shows together for students...now that I'm part of WS it gives me something to work with
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I am all about some get togethers...... Try to give us ideas or dates and we will see what we can do. I know Fangs wants to put together a Cruise here soon!!!