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Racelegal is happening this Friday starting at 6pm. 30 to race, 10 to watch. Military can receive discount tickets at MWR. Get your car dialed in before MVTW!


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They make all the difference in the world I would never race without them which ones did you get?


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Nitto NT555s. 285s. But I also have heavier 18in Saleen rims now so I am curious how much that will negate the good effect of the sticky tire.


Chula Vista, CA
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Emilio is getting even lazier with age...
Actually, I am lost with all the inputs, I have been getting.. We need to get our event coordinator back...

I got an email saying working party at Todd's Friday
Trophy building Day Saturday due to rain..
Cruise to Julian Saturday
Cruise to Julian Friday
Racelegal Friday

I just don't know what to post anymore... Too many emails....
Well the cruise went down at 10:00 am today and it was excellent. lasted till about 4:45. Hung at Terrasanta Starbucks till 5:40 pm. So today wasn't a total loss. the weather looked good too.