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Seatac, wa Snoqualmie cruise

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We had a great day, bstarted at 9am, and done around 7pm. Just went from locationto to location, taking pics, eating, talking, having a great day. 6 ws members, a couple potential members and a couple from other clubs, was awesome!
Looking good Kassy and Josh. Great turnout!
Thanx Soji, we are trying to build this club up! Harder then it seems though. We will keep at it!! Wanna make you proud.
Doing very well from what we see. I missed Tony in my shout out....props to him as well and all who are making it happen. It is being noticed. I like seeing the fox's out and about as well. Loving the model variety and always been a sucker for a fox 4 eyed and after. Maybe you 'll run across some 66's and 67's no banners though takes away from those years.....maybe a tramp stamp style decal on the lower rear glass for those.....;)