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[Sep 10, 2015] Give Back to Veterans with Chili's! (Chula Vista, CA)

Wicked Stangs San Diego Chapter has formed a charitable partnership with the Workshops for Warriors. To help them raise money, we are holding a fundraiser at Chili's on Thursday, September 10th. Chili's corporate headquarters found out about this and has expanded the fundraiser to ALL San Diego Chili's locations including the one in Oceanside ALL DAY! As such, maximum participation is required. With each flyer submitted to Chili's, the company will donate 15% of the day's total sales from each restaurant and give it to SD Chapter who, in turn, will present the check to Workshops for Warriors. The majority of the club will be present at the Otay Ranch restaurant located on 2015 Birch Road, Chula Vista at 5pm.



Spring Valley, CA
I don't get off work until 5. I probably won't make it out there until 6pm. I may just go to the La Mesa one if I get off too late.