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Shirt In Large


Pueblo, Co President
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The plan is to have it something like that. I am also trying to see about having patches of all the states we have chapters in on it.

step on mii

Well-Known Member
To get the Dickie shirts done are 32$ for the embrodiry and then its like 14$ for the shirt it self. The place that has all the stuff saved is TSHIRT Mart on National City

1502 Highland Ave
National City, Ca 91950

If you need any other info you guys can PM me. I told Emlio that it takes about an hour to get the whole thing done if you want to drop it off and pay for it I can pick it up I dont live to far from them.


Chula Vista, CA
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mii post a new link letting everyone know you are the girl / man politically correct.

step on mii

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so buy my shirt and bring it there and they do it ? cool well ill have me a shirt soon.
Yes, you can buy the dickie shirt there or you can bring it in it doesnt matter and you just tell them you want the wickedstangs and they willl set it up


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The store has the stuff saved in the (WickedStangs 2010) file. Ask for that. I asked them to put it in it's own area so it's easier for others to find the updated version.