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spring install


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im about to install some eibach pro racing springs, just wondering if anyone has any pointers because i've never done this before. thanks


Pueblo, Co President
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When do you want to do them? Set up a date and we can see who will come out to help. I will help out.


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im having chris "BAD-SVT" from whidbey classic mustangs do them on saturday. he put some on his 94 gt when he had it. i just wanted to get as much info for him as i could.
yeah i did mine when i was in pensacola i did the back ones in the parking lot they were cake but the front ones r a lil more complicated make sure u have a crowbar itll help alot on the front ones the back ones u just have to unbolt ur shocks and they basically fall right out with minor persuasion.


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I JUST put my 2" lowering springs on the front of my car and it took about an hour total time with just me doing it.
1.. pull off your tire
2.. Pull your brake hose off the caliper
3.. Pull off the caliper, move brake line out of the way
4.. Open hood, remove 1 bolt + 2 nuts from shock tower up top
5.. Remove sway bar nut/bolt.. Watch for compressed shock to recoil and support with jack if you get scurred
6.. I used the floor jack handle and popped the bottom of stock spring out of housing.. You can use a spring compressor available for rent at autozone..
7.. Slide sheath off bottom of stock spring and put on new spring.
8.. Installation is reverse of removal - much faster to reinstall due to new spring being considerably smaller.
9.. Have fun and call me if you want help!