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tires for cobra wheels.


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i need a lil help. i have 2000 cobra R wheels on my ride. i replaced the ones the previous owner had burned to nothing. he had 245/45/18 all around. so thats what i bought. didnt think nothing of it till i kept feeling the passenger side front bangin the sway bar so i pulled it off and found that it was an 18x9.5 so i pulled the rest to check and yes 18x9 n 18x9.5. so now i need to know what can i run on the rear. the 245/45/18 on the fronts look fine but you can tell there is stretch on the rear. how big could i go? and thanks for any input.


If u aint 1st, your last
most likely its 18x10 so Put a 285 or 305 on the rear. Fronts are 18x9 so a 275 would nice. American muscle gas a nice selection.
Yeah I ordered 18x9s from American muscle and the tires they fit on them were 275/35/18 so the previous statement is probably pretty spot on.