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Tork Tech build.

will it make 400+ RWHP????

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Greer, SC
This is a cool setup. Do you have the intercooled kit? I was gonna do this but decided to go turbo. Good luck with build. You can always go with a Whipple if its not enough power. Lol


Well-Known Member
yea, I was going to go with a PD blower too.......before I was shown how a turbo car runs


Well-Known Member
have to mod this hood for clearance issues. little tweaks here and there on this and ill post the fiberglassing next


Well-Known Member
well car has passed emissions, registering it tomorrow. the front bumper is already off and the build has finally begun. pics to follow shortly.


Well-Known Member
DSCF7062.JPGBumper off the car

Got the lower intake manifold off along with fuel rails, injectors, and coil packs.

Battery box removed. i havent decided on fabbing a new one or reusing the old one.

Coolant drained and reservoir removed.

more pics soon this is as far as i am today work schedule makes it hard to do anything now haha.