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Torn Rear Lower Control Arm Bushings


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Since I started stepping up to the plate and pushing the car, I have found some new problems.

While I was welding the upper control arm boxes, I noticed the lower control arm bushings were tearing at the edges. I decided to drop both control arms for further investigation. I appears that the bushings provided by UPR are not up to race standards:

So I ordered a new set of energy suspension bushings, however they were not sized for my aftermarket lower control arms. To correct this problem, I had my talented machinist turn them to .020 over and then hammered them home.

I also had them turn an additional set of bushings made from a lubricated hardened plastic; just in case.

I will see how the car reacts on Saturday and make the bushing change if needed. I prefer the more comfortable ride, but I must make the BEAST performance ready.