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Upgrade the Rear End Axle


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I have decided that the new engine will put quite a bit more stress on my rear axle tubes. Therefore, it's time to gut the axle tube and get them welded. Here are a few pictures of the axle, still in the car, before stiffening and welding. Plan is to get the axle out this weekend and over to Bobby @orange395w for the modifications.



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looks pretty clean. I will try to make my way over there, appraiser said i can pick up the paperwork around 1030. so dont see issue as of right meow
Well I got started on Todd's Rear today. (No homo Emilio).

I always like the moment of the truth when the alignment bar gets set up. This is the Passenger side, which normally takes the most brunt when launching at the track.

Here is the Driver's side.

I sent these pictures to Todd and he asked if he needed a new axle lol I've seen so many jacked up ones that I get more surprised when they aren't bent then when they look like this. I let him know that I would straighten it. Here is a pic of the tube after working a little magic.

Once both sides were done I was able to slide the alignment bushings in with ease. When the tubes are bent these will not slide into the housing ends.

Once I got everything cleaned up I welded the tubes, but I was not happy with them. I cleaned everything really good, but the welds were still boiling out junk from between the axle tube and the pumpkin.

Unhappy with my welds, I took a trip down to "Bob Meyer Race Cars" to ask him what I was doing wrong. I will not tell you what he told me, but he said he had the same issue years ago when he was trying to figure this out haha. I got home and cleaned up the old welds and laid down some new ones.



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Very nice welds. I cannot wait to put this car on the track and blow up the transmission!!! At least the axles will be safe and not dragging.
Is there a reason why you don't mig these?
Yes Sir. The reason is the tubes are mild steel and the center section is cast. If you were to mig them it might look pretty on the outside, but it won't hold for shit. The super missile tig rod is specifically used for dissimilar metals. I have actually run a test using mig on a scrap one. 9 times out of 10 the weld will crack before you lift your helmet.
My experience with cast is it requires preheat and post heat
You are correct. I preheat these to between 400-500 degrees. You don't necessarily need post heat, but you can't allow it to cool too fast. What I do is right after the weld is completed I wrap a welding blanket around the weld.

I guess theoretically you could do the same using mig, but mig does not penetrate as well and does not work well with the dissimilar metals.