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Want to Buy UPGRADES FOR 14 GT


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are you looking for used parts, or suggestions, and what are your goals with the car/its uses?


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Well I have already 1.5 inch FRPP springs, 302 intake and 3.73 gears. Looking for suspension parts to put it on rails. End goal is a naturally aspirated 550 rwhp car. Backstory is a 2014 Cali special that was fully loaded. 34k miles and all the track apps that the track pack cars have. Amazing find for 25k. Anything you can offer honestly.


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You need to change out the lower control arms and upgrade the bushings; rear end is junk with the stock parts.
Upper control arm: BMR with polyurethane bushings is an excellent choice.
Lower control arm: Steeda Billet Rear Lower Control Arms - Polyurethane Bushings