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Welcome Back RPMM


Chula Vista, CA
Staff member
Welcome Back Renegade Performance Mustangs & Motorsports Our New Advertiser
I’m excited to announce a RPMM back to sponsor Wicked Stangs - RPMM

RPMM carries all the major manufacturers and is adding more and more inventory daily. Make sure to contact them if there is something you don’t see or need.

Please give RPMM a Wicked Stangs welcome and go and check out there site at www.mustangsandmotorsports.com

They will be moderating a new forum thread under SPONSORS / VENDOR FORUMS


Crew Chief
Staff member
Board Member
Thanks guys. The Dyno Shootout was a huge success and WickedStangs thanks you for all your suppot. We look forward to your outstanding service and continued mechanical expertise.

RPMM - Power you can rely upon!!