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Chula Vista, CA
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The fender stripes are known as FIA stripes. They were first used on a Cobra (CSX2128) at the 1963 Sebring FIA race. The stripes were painted on 2128 to distinguish it form the other team Cobras (all black painted body's) that were racing. The color chosen for 2128 was yellow. To answer your question; it started with the race cars. Wicked Stangs as adapted it to a unique styling for representing Wicked Stangs :)

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Spring Valley, CA
Danny your copying me to much LOL the car the stripes and the road course, it's ok I know you want to be like me LMAO

You know it. You know that saying, Immitation is the sincerest form of flattery. LOL! Don't worry, I'm not changing my spoilers or wheels, or hood. So there will be some different, plus my banner is black. So, people can tell us apart. LOL!