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Wicked Stangs Monthly Meeting June 3


Well-Known Member
Called to Order @6:36pm
Location: Perry Ford of National City
Members in Attendance: Reaper52, Mustangcwo, ladygaga2, CC, Double D, crumba60, WARRIOR F150, ST3RLINGY3LLOW, Timothy Read
Members on Probation: Rico (1st Meeting)
Guests: None
Treasury: Donna paid $100 for the club catering her daughters baby shower. Added to general fund.
Race Car Fund ($1386.02), General Club Fund ($533), San Diego Chapter Club T-Shirts ($400)

Upcoming Events:
1. C'Bad Cars: every Saturday 0600-0900, open to all cars. Free to view
2. JBA Cars and Coffee 6/14: JBA Speedshop. 0600-1000. open to all cars. Free to view
3. Cajon Classic Cruise: Every Wednesday 3pm-7pm. Please see thread "On-Going Events" for complete schedule
4. Escondido Fords and Friends Picnic 6/7: 9am-3pm
5. Wicked Wedesdays: 6/10 @ 6pm In-N-Out 2005 Camino Del Este San Diego
6. North County Photoshoot/Cruise: 6/14 @ 4pm This Cruise will cover ground from here Mission Valley up to San Clemente, through Camp Pendleton and to Temecula. Full route and details will be posted soon.
7. Blue Knights Law Enforcment Poker Run: 6/27 7am-3pm. $20 Per vehicle with proceeds benefiting Concerns Of Police Surviviors (C.O.P.S)
8. July 4 BBQ: 7/4 @ 11am Will be held at CC’s house in Vista, bring a dish to pass. More info to follow.

New Business:
1. Routes, Dates and Times were presented and voted upon for the upcoming Calendar Photoshoots/Cruises. These routes and dates will be posted in the following days for members to view. We need photographers to volunteer to come out and take photos for these shoots. All members are highly encouraged to make an appearance to get some great photos of their cars.

2. Wicked Stangs San Diego Chapter has a new Facebook page and members decided to post events on both the forums and the facebook page to reach more people in the San Diego area. We will be doing a walkthrough at the next club meeting on how to navigate the Facebook page to help members learn how to find new events.

Open Floor to Questions, Comments:
@ST3RL1NGY3LLOW asked the club why members will show up to the meetings but not to the actual club events.

@Double D made comment on how the club will ebb and flow with different members schedules. This is just a natural occurrence within a club.

CC stated how members who attend the meetings need to voice their concerns and bring up new ideas if they don’t like the ideas/events that are happening within the chapter.

As a result members in attendance agreed that the club needs to go back to what Wicked Stangs was known for such as Cruises, Wicked Wednesdays, ect. These events were highly popular before and will encompass a wide variety of interests for members to encourage participation. Feedback from anyone not in attendance is appreciated. New events will be coming multiple times per month ranging from cruises to dining out together. Members are also reminded to please come by and check out our new Facebook page as we are trying to expand and get new members to join. Check us out at www.facebook.com/wickedstangsSD

Congratulations to @Eric Chan for successfully completing probation. They are now full-fledged, active member of the San Diego Chapter of Wicked Stangs Mustang Club!

Honorary Member Timothy Read will be leaving the San Diego area and heading to Florida soon and we are trying to ensure we get him transfered to the Florida Chapter when he arrives. On behalf of the entire San Diego Chapter, it was a true honor to have him in our chapter and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Meeting Adjourned @8:11pm
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