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Wolfe Racecraft TTF subframes and 12pt roll cage install

My friend Chris brought his car over last weekend, so we could start on his subframe and cage install. I had to cut out his existing subframes, so that was kind of a PITA. Anyway, I managed to get the through the floor subs welded in on both sides. I will post pics of the progress as we go.

Ok, so this has been on hold for a couple of weeks now while we were waiting for the main hoop to get here. It finally came and it fit much better. I still had to grind a little to get a good fit, but it wasn't anything major.

Chris came over this morning and we worked on it for about 8-9hrs. We got a lot done and it's a lot more work than some people think. We stopped at harbor freight to get a window removal tool and took out his front and rear glass.

Thor is always in the garage with me. I yell at him because sparks are flying and he steals my stuff, but he always hangs out with me.

The four corners as well as the dash and the windshield bar are tacked in

This portion of the cage is in and fully welded. Next time we work on it will be rocker bars, main hoop back bar, door bars and rear bars. The foundation is already set though, so the rest should go faster once we get going.

I forgot to mention that I bought this kit from a guy who decided to get rid of the car that it was for. Not sure it makes much difference though. I think I just have bad luck. I ran into another problem today. While I was test fitting the door bars I realized that the driver's side bar was about 1" shorter than the passenger side bar. All of these hiccups are costing me a lot of time and would be an even bigger headache if I didn't have the tubing notcher.

Today, I made the shoulder bar, trimmed and renotched the door bar and got the rocker bars fully welded in. The shoulder bar is not welded in yet, just fit up.

Well not a whole lot to report. We are still waiting on the seat bracket and rear seat brace. Once that stuff gets here, we will bolt it in to ensure the other bars are welded in within spec. The rear bars look like they are going to have to be modified due to the mini tubs. Apparently wolfe doesn't make the bar work with and with out tubs. (disappointed).

I welded in the passenger side hoop to subframe brace. I'm going to wait on the seat bracket before doing the driver's side. I'm sure it will be o.k., but I just want to make sure.

So I called Wolfe today to talk about the rear bars. When I told them they wont work with mini tubs they said, "yeah we have bars for with and without mini tubs." I said "well I didn't tell you we had mini tubs, but you didn't ask either, so what now?"

He said well make you a new set of bars and ship them out free of charge. All I have to say is WOW! The customer service they have provided with all of these issues has been great. I would definitely continue to do business with these guys. Never once have they tried to get defensive and shut me out like a lot of companies would do.
So Chris came over today with the seat, seat bracket and seat back brace. We got the shoulder bar, door bars and the kicker bars that go from the subframes to the main hoop all welded in today.

We also welded some 6x6 plate in the rear seat area/torque box area, so we can weld our 1" tubing from the main hoop to those plates. Those bars weren't part of the kit. We are adding those in. We may add a couple other bars to the mix as well.

Still waiting on the rear bars from wolfe. This should be done in the next week or two.

All cages don't land in the same place. It all depends. Pre tabbed cage? Brand? With or without mini tubs? It should tie into the frame rails if that helps.
It's the same cage you did here with mini tubs
Then they will land right behind the mini tubs. He will have to weld plates the the floor first and then weld the bars to the plates. If the bars are notched correctly at the main hoop the bars will automatically fall into place in the rear.