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2k15 JKU Firecracker

VP_07SRT8 Apr 8, 2016

  1. VP_07SRT8


    VP_07SRT8 Tell the cops nothing! Staff Member Moderator Donator Board Member San Diego Chapter

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    2015 JKU
    I had a 2k14 WK2 JGC SRT, 2k14 was first year of the 8spd and at 1500 mile it greneded and was in and out of the shop for 2 months and while there they damages it so badly the door had to be replaced, then they kept messing up the paint.

    After the 2 months I called SRT and with in days Chrysler contacted me and through goodwill program made the payments for the jee while it was in the shop and I asked about trading it in. They gave me a bunch of incentives ie 8 years free maintenance on everything except for brake pads and a mopar lifetime warranty, plus decent down payment.

    It has basic bolt ons. Saving for tires for when these wear out which at the same time I will do wheels and lift kit.

    here is da list:
    - Banks ram air intake
    - Banks monster stinger exhaust
    - Bartact Trek Armor front seat covers
    - Bartact Trek Armor rear seat covers
    - Firestik 3' CB antenna
    - Rugged Ridge XHD stainless steel hood latches
    - Rugged Ridge euro head light guards
    - Rugged Ridge euro fog light guards
    - Rugged Ridge euro running light guards
    - Rugged Ridge center console protect cover
    - Rugged Ridge A-arm pillar toggle mount
    - Rugged Ridge toggle switch (x4)
    - Rugged Ridge flat black bug deflector
    - Rugged Ridge fire extinguisher roll bar mount
    - Rugged Ridge CB antenna mount
    - KC HiLiTES, Inc. windshield light mounts
    - KC Apollo series spotlights
    - KC spot light covers
    - Quadratec clothes hanger (x2)
    - Quadratec all weather floor mats (x4)
    - Quadratec all weather trunk mat
    - Quadratec entry guards front
    - Quadratec entry guards rear
    - Quadratec grab handles (x6)
    - Quadratec tow hitch
    - Quadratec tow hitch wire kit
    - Quadratec jumbo cargo rack
    - J.W. Speaker HID head lights
    - J.W. Speaker anti flicker wiring kit
    - Kleinn Automotive Air Horns trailblaster horn kit
    - Smittybilt recovery strap
    - Smittybilt clinometer
    - Smittybilt machete with roll bar mount
    - MOPAR front splash guards
    - Mopar rear splash guards
    - MOPAR black chrome JEEP emblem
    - 3m Carbon fiber wrapped hood
    - Plasti dipped rims
    - Plasti dipped tow hooks(or what ever their called)
    - Uniden Pro510 XL CB radio 11063800_10153032556486275_1539978386877749853_n.jpg 12494867_10153607580156275_2312365978532530490_n.jpg 12670646_10153607580196275_6565734566198610752_n.jpg
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  2. Mustangcwo

    Mustangcwo Crew Chief Staff Member Global Moderator Board Member San Diego Chapter

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    JEEP JEEP!!!!

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