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All North west Florida member please come into this thread.


Chula Vista, CA
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Poking my head in here finally. Name is Chris, USAF working EMSEC/Computer security for the f-35 program at Eglin AFB. Live up in Crestview. Currently drive am 08 GT/CS with minor mods. Shocks, springs, pypes, and a lot of black stuff.

Minus the windshield banner, this is how she sits today in my garage.
Welcome and very nice looking stang.. Hope you enjoy your stay.


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Guess I missed this one. Justin is my name and I'm a Captain at Eglin working in the Med Group. I have an 02 convertible going through a transformation from 3.8 to 4.6. Would like it to be complete by end of this week but probably not going to happen until closer to mid/late may. Look forward to meeting you all.
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My name is Phill, and I am with Lockheed as a F-35 mechanic on the Marine version. I am in Niceville. Looking forward to meeting everyone. I have a 90LX convertible...it's bone stock, but I have already got a gt ground effects kit and black leather interior for it. I also am into Turbo coupes. My black one is being prepped for sho-n-go. It has a 2.3 turbo with HE-351 Holset, 6 point cage and custom interior


3 SVT's for Me

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My name is Scotty I live in Panama City. I work at the Paper Mill. You will catch me in 1 of 4 vehicles. 03Cobra, 01 Lightning, 96 Cobra, or a 93 LX. I am hoping to meet some of you soon.


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i'll add......
Kurt, Panama City, Fl, '03 MG Cobra. (actually my car above in photo.....looks a little different now though)
Whipple 2.9~Lethal Full Return System~FTBR~FRPP~H&R race for now(full tubular in the works with QA1 coilovers) and many more mods.....
joined a few months back and so far so good. looking forward to meeting more people around this area!


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Yea I've seen that blue thing once or twice. When can we all make a trip to Atmore or Panama City? A SSgt I work with just had his STI turbo upgraded and while I know he'll handle me easily I figure one of you can drag his ass. Nothing really new with mine except I had my bullets powdercoated with a blue pearl clear and added 315/35/17 DRs. Now I just need my 373s installed. Nothing serious compared to you FI guys, but I'll get there one day.


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I appologize for my lack of appearance lately. I am basically going to work at 0630, stay there until 4 pm and then straight to college until 10-1030 Monday thru Thursday and the every Saturday from 0700 till 6pm. I have not had time do do much of anything. The good news is I should be an Auxillary Deputy by next month and once I retire in 1 1/2 years I will get on full time. The Police Academy is not that bad but it takes alot of my time away. Plus it never fails that on Sunday (my only true day off) someone always needs my help with something.........