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(3) day event in PCB


Well-Known Member
alright you guys in the Fl Panhandle.....
linking a thread from another forum for you to check out and consider what has the making of a kick ass event.
festivities will begin friday at Pier Park for a social meet and greet, continue to saturday for a track day/photoshoot, and wrapping up sunday am for those who want to just chill.
if i'm not mistaking, my buddies contact info is included in the thread. if not, just pm me.
thanks guys....kurt


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you said it's in august right?....gives me some time to work on a few things and get some tire


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This event has been moved to a later date due to track date conflict. New dates are November 9-11 so we're hoping for cooler temps as well.
More updates to follow......


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We realize but that's about all there was left to pick from. Hope we are still able to draw a crowd. I'll have Scotty post more details within the next few days.