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new guy intro


Chula Vista, CA
Staff member
yes, very nice pics and welcome hope you enjoy your stay. If you need anything just ask...


2001 gt vert
welcome to teh club there r a bunch of gear heads on here if u need nething just ask they will help u with everything


New Member
Thanks! I cant wait to get started on the mustang...its an AOD car, but someone put 2.73's in it thinking good MPG's. It's a freaking dog, so I am gonna get 4.10's first thing. As far as the turbo coupe, I am saving up for a full Maximum Motorsport suspension. As far as the motor, the block has been bored 030, w/forged pistons, the head has a ranger roller cam, big valves and has been flowed. I have an he-351 Holset waiting t o bolt on as well. For the money I should have built a 306, but hey, I like being a little different.