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New here -- 2003 Cobra


New Member
I met someone today on Eglin AFB that told me about the site, so I thought I would check it out. I am not new to Mustangs but I am new to Cobras. I have had 3 GT's and a '01 Bullit (so basically 4 GT's) that have ranged from bolt ons to Vortech supercharged.

I have a black 2003 Cobra now. Currently there is not a lot done to it. It has an SLP catback, tinted windows, tinted headlights, tinted taillights, 18x9/18x10 10th Annivery SVE wheels, and Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs.

I just ordered Mac LT headers, Spec Stage 2+ clutch, Lethal Performance X Pipe, and a few other things for it. Short term plans are to get a Magnaflow catback for it to replace the SLP once I get the headers on, and a 2.76 pulley along with JLT CAI.


Chula Vista, CA
Staff member
very nice and welcome hope you enjoy your stay. If you need anything just post on here... again Welcome


Well-Known Member
Welcome... I see u have sc plates what part are you from??

2005 Tahoe LT ( family truck)
1993 camaro Z28 super charged (sold)
2000 mustang GT supercharged (sold)
2006 mustang GT with a $9,800 build list ( taking donations :) )


Well-Known Member
Welcome to the club. It was Shane that asked ya to come. He has a red 10th annv. We will be at Hooters tonight. Great lookin Cobra.... will be nice to get three Black Cobras together for a photo op tonight! I am trying to get a hold of the guy with the Red Cobra Vert with Black rims as well. If you know him tell him to join.


New Member
Guess I should have checked this earlier... stopped by hooters tonight for a few but didn't really know anyones face. Lotta nice Mustangs out there!