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WIKDLX SS Tail Pipe Install

Emilio dropped off some SS tail pipes that had been cutoff and he asked if I could put them on his car. The first order of business was to clean up the old ones. I had to cut them and then remove the pieces of pipe that were slip fit into the tail pipes.

Once those were out I had to cut off the old pieces of exhaust hanger and clean the old welds off. They came out pretty good.

Here are the pipes after being cleaned up. I did that with an eraser. :)

Here is a quick shot of the old driver's side pipe. Note the angle of the dangle.

Old tails were marked and cut.

Once they were cut off I had to cut the old hangers off, so I could reuse them on the new SS pipes.

Then it was time to weld them on.

Finished. I think they look good. Time for Emilio to get out the never dull and polish them up!