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X Pipe vs. H Pipe



What are the advantages and disadvantages of both?

Plan and Simple

X-Pipes generally make a little more HP and a little less torque than an aftermarket H-pipe.

H = low end torque
X = high end horsepower

Also, The H-Pipe will have a deeper sound, while the X-Pipe will have a higher pitched raspier sound.


Why ya treat me like that?
Thanks everyone but I don't know what your initials stand for: H pipe / X pipe Did I miss it somewhere? I like the lower pitch sound over the high squealing one. I'll look again.


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I don't know what that is but thank you anyway. :)
I had one on my 06 Mustang. Instead of an H or X it's box shaped. It is supposed to have the deep tone of the H but the flow of an X. I am not sure about the flow but it does produce a deep base like tone.


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I have the Prochamber and SLP's on mine. Very deep tone and loud. BTW can anyone tell me as I'm looking at going to longtubes with the prochamber if I have to change over to the other prochamber for longtubes or are the extension pipes that come with the Prochamber for shorty headers just deleted?


Im not sure, but when i went from 2.5" shorties and bbk o/r x to mac 3" long tubes and custom x i only picked up 1hp and 4 tq at the wheels, but it sounds so much better. The minimal hp gain is probably because the exhaust is too much for my car....at least for now ;)


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We manufacture both parts and Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords did testing and there was NO difference in the
two. They actually said that the H-pipe made more power that the X-pipe in the test they did.

It is more for sound than anything else. H-pipe will give you the true muscle car sound and the X will give you more of a exotic exhaust note.



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Prochamber is supposed to flow like the X but have the deep tone of the H. I had prochamber with hi-flow cats on my 06 mustang. Any axleback will sound good with the prochamber. I had magnapacks and with the prochamber it produced a nice deep tone. Only downside was the drone. Right now I have an X -pipe and it sounds good as well. There are a lot of muscle cars from the 60s-70s that use X-pipes. With the right mufflers/axlebacks (S197), X pipes will give you a muscle car tone.